About Us

When a Non-Profit Organization sets its goals, those may not be as definable as the profit making ones because their activities are directly connected to the well-being of less-privileged or underprivileged people. The qualitative aspects of their actions are not too easy to measure as the quantitative ones. As in terms of measured improvement, NGOs in West Bengal are asked to present anecdotal evidence, they often miss out on the opportunity of working ‘more meaningfully’. But Promise Unbound, works with a different ideology. This is a privately funded NGO, sponsored by CodeClouds aiming to discard the common problems people are facing in Kolkata and the remote areas of North & South 24-Parganas, West Bengal.


Major objectives of Promise Unbound include:

  • -Providing education to the less privileged people
  • -Support them to get proper nutritious meal and education resources
  • -Raise awareness among people regarding hygiene, women issues and other social matters.
  • -Encourage more people to join social campaign to bring positive social changes


It may be providing some educational resources to the needy children, blood donation for the thalassemia patients, run for education, providing sanitary pads to the poor women, educating the street children, raising awareness for AIDS, and more, Promise Unbound is a secular organization dedicated to bring change in human life that focuses on socio-economic change. All our team members and volunteers are directly involved with different projects, fundraising, managing campaigns, education-related matters and providing basic living facilities to the underprivileged.


Future Graph of Promise Unbound

2018 • Setting it up

The beginning of a new journey towards a brighter future for families, communities and under privileged people of North and South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Proudly backed and supported by CodeClouds.

Gaining More Partners • 2019

As an ever growing NGO in West Bengal we are dedicated to bringing joy and well-being for our community. Partnerships will allow us to continue supporting those in need not only in India but other countries as well.

2020 • Spreading Our Activities around Bengal

Recruiting volunteers and preparing for our community development phase. Bringing many people together and participating in new events.

Growing Internationally • 2021

Following our partnership with Visibility Line, we are planning to start several bases of operation around India, USA and NZ.

Governing Council

The honorable Governing Council of Promise Unbound takes legal responsibility of all the operations by this organization with consent of laws and regulations.
This council comprises well-known personalities who have extensive experience in various fields.

Sushant Kumar Saha

Sushant Saha


Sushant is a IT consultant & advisor in the Technology innovation area. He carries out agile development, project management, conducts analyses of technological systems and value chains, road mapping activities in high-tech product development & research. With his 20 years of professional experience in techno-economic analysis & project management, he holds a general Systems engineering degree majoring Data modelling and a Six Sigma Certified professional too. Being such an innovative and hard working persona, Sushant has also been dedicatedly working for social causes. He currently lives in Kolkata, India with his Wife Tina and their two growing kids.

Kakali Mukherjee

Kakali Mukherjee

Chief Executive Officer

Kakali Mukhopadhyay is an IT professional who started her career at Siemens after completing her MCA from IGNOU. She has 22 years of professional experience as a Programming Analyst as well as IP Manager. Currently she is working with Institute of Management, Studies and Research & Projectscape Engineering Consultancy Services Private Limited in Kolkata. Along with her expertise in functional support for Project, she had keen interest in social activities and also, has been connected with social welfare since long.

Prosenjit Saha

Prosenjit Saha


After getting a degree in Commerce at the Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration, Prosenjit started his career as a Business Development Executive at IBM, later moving on to co-found CodeClouds where he now serves as the Administrative Director. Overall, he has almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry and Business Administration. Prosenjit has a keen interest in social service and a desire to serve the less fortunate, which he is doing through Promise Unbound.

Kinkar Saha

Kinkar Saha

Advisory Board Member

Kinkar Saha is a successful entrepreneur who founded CodeClouds in 2009 following his success in technology innovation, business consulting, and also as an engineering expert. As a founder and CEO, Kinkar manages all aspects of CodeClouds' international business operations, while maintaining an exceptionally talented team. He loves discovering and experimenting with the new tools and systems to build greater efficiencies. Along with his technical enthusiasm, from the early days of his life, he had been closely connected with various social activities to bring meaningful changes in the lives of less-privileged people. Helping others to live a better life is no less than a long-cherished hobby in his life. He believes that only humane thoughts and treatments can make the real difference. Currently he lives in New Zealand with his family.