Partners of Promise Unbound

'A friend in need is a friend indeed.' - This is what our partners do for us. Among so many trustworthy business relationships, partnership is an important one that can be the life force of a non-profit organization. The partnership between Corporate and NGO, is no more based on financial transactions as the companies are ready to agree with various resources to work for shared values. When for-profit companies decide to collaborate with NGO, they can create more magnificent changes than ever thought. The major goal of such a relation is only to improve the quality of service and efficiency with time. Partnership is the undying strength that helped us in taking initiative for 'Promise Unbound' and we feel glad to have respected partners, CodeClouds, Visibility Line and El Minara. With our plans and strategies for social welfare, when we approached, they stood by us and agreed to give a hand for bringing some positive changes in the society. So, we would like to thank them from the core of our heart as they supported us for such a noble cause.