The COVID-19 Situation: We Need Your Help!

17 April 2020 | BY

As you know, the outbreak of COVID-19 was fast moving, and drastic measures had to be taken. The lockdown, which was implemented suddenly without much prior warning, has
left laborers and migrant workers with no source of income and not even the option to beg as the streets are mostly deserted.

Right Now, We Are Experiencing a Crisis

These individuals and families cut off from their homes, incomes, and their communities. They are productive members of society that have been left with no options because of the current situation, and are at risk of starvation.

With no running public transportation for the foreseeable future, some have resorted to living out of packed homeless shelters, while others have begun a long walk home, which can be hundreds of kilometers.

There have been promises by the central government to focus on this problem by stimulus or releasing some of the grain stockpile, and the state governments are doing their best, but we can see by media reports and by those in our own communities that it is not enough. Around the country, many private charitable organizations have been stepping in to try to fill the gap.

Like many others in their respective communities, Promise Unbound has been delivering food packets to help these people through this tough situation. With our current funds, we will be able to serve 100 families for about 2 weeks.

We Need Your Help

With your help, we hope to be able to expand this effort to more families, and be able to continue providing for them until this lockdown is over, however long it lasts. It’s hard to predict when this will end, and when people will be able to return home to resume life as normal. Until then, we wish to provide a stable source of food to these families.

Thank you for your support.
We’d also like to thank our sponsor, CodeClouds, for our current funding.

How to Donate:

A/c No.: 50200031391533
IFSC Code: HDFC0000018